Thursday, May 17, 2012

You're a WHAT?

Hello hello!

First of all, the meeting to approve Somerville's new Urban Ag ordinances is TONIGHT!  6pm at Somerville City Hall (not sure what room, so try to come early to give yourself time to find it).  If you are pro-backyard chickens and you live in the Boston area, especially if you are in Somerville, please come show the city your support!  See the link above for more details on the proposed ordinance.  :)

Secondly, I just realized that I haven't yet laid out (haha - laid... like an egg!  Get it?  teehee) what it is that I do, exactly...

In short, I'm basically a Chicken Concierge.  :D

That means that I can help you with any of the following:
*Top-to-bottom setup of a complete coop for you, including laying-age hens
*Monthly maintenance (cleaning the coop once a month and checking the girls over, etc.)
*Chicken sitting
*Taking your bird(s) to the vet for you
*Basic medications and deworming (if needed)
*Finding breeds you want from local breeders (I can get a wide variety of locally-bred or hatched breeds of nearly any age)
*Advice on coop design if you're building your own
*Advice on breed selection
*Food delivery
*House calls if you need a second opinion about something
*Whatever else do you need - let me know!

And that's all in addition to the festivals, skill-shares, seminars, classes, and kid's programs I've already been doing for the past few years.  :)

I have a new website coming soon, so stay tuned for more details and rates at and I hope to see y'all tonight!

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