Monday, March 25, 2013

Victory Chickens - why it's your patriotic duty to have your own flock.

A friend recently posted this to my FB wall (click on the picture to see a larger, zoom-able version).  I saw it when first put it together in 2010, and I love love LOVE this ad.  And here's why. 

(Got a little history lesson for ya', Ags... whoop!)

Disclaimer: I'm not at all a historian, so if you are and any of this seems totally off in that regard, please respond in the comments and let me and my readers know - thanks!

As I understand it this ad, or many ads very similar to it, originally came out in the war-era of the early 20th century, when the surge of American patriotism that was being hyped by the media was, at least in part, a direct result of major resource limitations at the federal level - all of our country's money, metal, and men were being sent to the war.  (The Rosie-the-Riveter ad is another classic example, though that's from WWII.  The original date in this ad read 1918, which was WWI.) 

So the folks left here at home were being asked to do their part to support the country's efforts for this seemingly-noble war by conserving resources wherever possible - buy less, consume less, and wherever possible, grow your own

We're in a totally different decade, but it's the same concept.  Except this time it's about conservation of resources at the global level, and our government isn't directing the movement... WE ARE.

Aaaaaand, not to be comPLETEly serious... in other recent news, don't lick your chickens.

YBC events coming up:
  • March 30th (Saturday) YBC table at the Somerville Winter Farmers' Market from about 10:30am-2pm.  Open to the public.  Location is the Armory at 191 Highland Ave.  More event info on the Somerville Urban Ag blog.
  • April 6th (Saturday) YBC table at the Get Growing! festival at the Cambridge Community Center off Western Ave in Cambridge.  Open to the public, time TBD, but I expect it to be somewhere in the range of 10am-3pm.
  • April 6th (Saturday) YBC presentation for Somerville's Urban Ag Ambassadors program.  About 3:30pm.  Might not be open to the public... stay tuned for details!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring hath sprung!



Oh hey stranger... long time no see, eh?

It's true.  It's officially spring, though it's snowing (again) here in Boston.  I've had a somehow simultaneously quiet-yet-full winter, scheming and planning and/or generally resting up for the onset of springtime shenanigans.  And now I have the hatching bug.  Good thing I have a couple of silkies that go broody at the mere sight of a group of eggs....

"Oh look!  Eggs!"

*sits on them*

In other news, there are two things I'd like to share with y'all today:

1) There are new events posted on my event calendar!  (Scroll down to "Upcoming events and appearances" on the main page.)

2) As you all are putting together your coop-building plans for this year, check out this great article on predator-proofing your coop.  In the city we tend to not be able to have roosters (their main jobs are to protect the flock and make babies), but we definitely have a lot of predators.  My flock has learned to look out for hawks, and I've had neighbors lose birds to racoons.  I also have neighborhood cats that wander in and out of my yard pretty regularly (the girls chase them out when they're awake, but I make sure they're all locked up at night).

Happy springtime, and see you again soon!  :D