Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The urban ag explosion!

WOW.  There is so much awesomeness going on with urban agriculture lately!  It's crazy exciting.

For example, friends sent me these fantastic articles in the past few days:
How former B-ball player Will Allen is using urban ag to change lives in underprivileged communities.
A great how-to for building your own 3'x5' vertical aquaponic growing system.

And last night I met one of the organizers of My City Gardens, a group that is connecting or facilitating connections between wannabe gardeners who don't have the space, and property owners/managers who have the space but not the time or inclination to garden it.  How cool is that?!

In today's chicken news, I'd like to share with you a lovely note I received from the marvelous Ms. Roxanne Scrima, who is a kindergarten teacher at Somerville's Kennedy Elementary School and has worked with me on my kids' programs since the beginning.  This was in response to a recent class visit from me and my girls.

"Hi Khrysti,
Saw someone wearing this shirt and realized I hadn't sent you a "thank you" yet.  The kids in my class went home and couldn't stop talking about your visit.  You were voted the "Best thing in Kindergarten" by one of my students.  Thanks so much for coming!  
Roxane Scrima"

I was voted the Best Thing in Kindergarten?!  NO WAY THAT'S AWESOME!  :D

(ETA: You know what else is awesome?  Apparently my blog has been viewed by someone in Malaysia.  Hi Malaysia!!  <The Chickeness waves excitedly to Malaysia>)

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