Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring hath sprung!



Oh hey stranger... long time no see, eh?

It's true.  It's officially spring, though it's snowing (again) here in Boston.  I've had a somehow simultaneously quiet-yet-full winter, scheming and planning and/or generally resting up for the onset of springtime shenanigans.  And now I have the hatching bug.  Good thing I have a couple of silkies that go broody at the mere sight of a group of eggs....

"Oh look!  Eggs!"

*sits on them*

In other news, there are two things I'd like to share with y'all today:

1) There are new events posted on my event calendar!  (Scroll down to "Upcoming events and appearances" on the main page.)

2) As you all are putting together your coop-building plans for this year, check out this great article on predator-proofing your coop.  In the city we tend to not be able to have roosters (their main jobs are to protect the flock and make babies), but we definitely have a lot of predators.  My flock has learned to look out for hawks, and I've had neighbors lose birds to racoons.  I also have neighborhood cats that wander in and out of my yard pretty regularly (the girls chase them out when they're awake, but I make sure they're all locked up at night).

Happy springtime, and see you again soon!  :D

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