Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Chickeness in the news! Again!

I was recently interviewed by Minda Berbeco of, and her "Chickens in the City" article just came out on Monday, featuring her interview with me, as well as a couple of my pictures.  Check it out!

And in case you've missed my previous appearances, here are a few others...

In May of 2011, I was filmed by a crew from Animal Planet's "Pets 101" show for an episode featuring backyard farm animals that aired in November of 2011.  I currently have a copy of the episode, but lack the software or skill (or time to obtain either at the moment) to edit out my sections into something I can post on youtube, so if anyone is capable and willing to take on a small video-editing job, please let me know!

Boston's NPR radio station, WBUR, did a piece on urban chickens in July of 2011 (also entitled "Chickens in the City" and also featuring a few of my photos).  I was also mentioned in a related post.

On 18 May 2012, Chris Orchard with the Somerville Patch published an article that featured a bit about me after I spoke at a city meeting on the proposed zoning ordinance changes.

There's a post on the Somerville Urban Ag blog about a visit I made with a couple of my Chicken Ambassadors to Somerville City Hall to give an Urban Poultry 101 presentation on 31 May 2012.

And, finally, a loosely-related post describing, among other boxes, the "faux chicken coop/real green roof" digbox I created for Dig Boston.  Apparently my Digbox is currently living outside of the Legal Seafoods test kitchen just south of the World Trade Center in downtown Boston, so if you happen to walk by it and notice it needs some water, will you toss a drop or two its direction? 

So. Much. Excitement!  :D

"So then the chicken said to the duck..."

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