Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Chicks and pullets available for delivery June 7th!

Hello hello!

I'm getting all geared up for a big swap on the 7th where I will be able to get a bunch of chicks and pullets (young hens) from a bunch of local breeders, so place your orders and reserve your girls now!

All birds listed here can be delivered to your door on July 7th (email if you need other arrangements), and will come complete with the Chickeness guarantee - I will treat any that show signs of illness within a month from delivery, and any bird you get from me that decides to start crowing will be rehomed for you as soon as possible.  Totally free.  :)

(Please note: anything less than 8 weeks old will need a brooder setup with a heat lamp, anything less than 16 weeks old will need "starter" or "grower" food depending on age, and if you are introducing new birds to an existing flock you'll need to take the same care as with any other new animals.  Ask me if you have questions!)

Pullets generally start laying around 4-6 months, so any that age or older should be laying for you very soon!

Here's what I either will have available or can get by breed, color, age (as of July 7th), and cost.  Click on the breed name for a link to the MyPetChicken info page on that breed, and check for pictures of the actual birds at the bottom, where available.  Prices may be adjustable for combined orders, especially for the younger ones.  :)

White/black pullets - 5 weeks - $15 each

Mixed colors, pullets - 3 weeks - $15 each

Red pullets - 9 weeks - $20 each

Buff pullets - 8 weeks - $20 each

Plymouth Rock
Barred pullets - 12 weeks - $25 each

Red pullets - 5 weeks - $15 each

Salmon Faverolle
Salmon hen - 1 year - $35
Salmon hen - 1.5 yrs - $30
(These two are possibly mother and daughter and are currently living together here at the Menagerie.  Both are very sweet, and so fluffy!  The younger one is currently regrowing a large patch of feathers on her back from where her previous flockmates were picking on her...  poor baby.)

Black bearded pullet - 10.5 months (show quality!*) -$40
Splash bearded pullet - 10.5 months (show quality!*) - $40
Black bearded pullet - 10.5 months - $30
(These top three bred by Bad Azz Silkies)
Mixed pullets - 4 weeks - $15 each

Black pullets - 5 weeks - $15 each

Barred Plymouth rock pullets - 3 months old
Bearded splash silkie pullet - 10.5 mos.
 Bearded black silkie pullet - 10.5 mos.

That's it for now!  I'll update this post as the list changes, so stay tuned!

~The Chickeness~

*What the heck does "show quality" mean, you ask?  Similarly to purebred dogs, it means that these birds are excellent examples of their breed, as dictated by that breed's Standard of Perfection.  For more info, check out the American Poultry Association website, or the website of the breed club for whichever breed you are interested in.  If you have no interest in showing or breeding your birds, then it really just means you're guaranteed a very pretty bird.  :)

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